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The posh squash

In early autumn this year we enjoyed the gift that keeps on giving: a prolific crop of zucchinis. For a while there they lurked under leaves all over the garden and had to be picked every day.

While I happily perfected my zucchini soup and my partner did the same with her zucchini tart, we started to run out of ways to use the proliferation of gourds. It was the green veg of choice for many meals and we often had pesto

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Things To Do In January
• Fruit fly are more active as crops ripen. Use organic baits and traps or cover individual fruit with exclusion bags. Clean up fallen fruit. As fruit fly is spreading to fruit-fly-free areas, watch for signs of attack. Use fruit-fly traps to monitor
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Tower Of Power
Add height to your garden and create the perfect growing conditions with a brick tower planted with succulents. With a few spare bricks and some gravel you can make a mini mountain ideal for growing drought-loving plants. The love aff air with succul
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Deep Purple
Originally grown for thousands of years in China and India, the versatile eggplant made its way to the Middle East and the Mediterranean well before 1300 and was warmly received. Yet, when it finally reached the Americas in the 16th century, it was g