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Tusiata Avia

usiata Avia is an acclaimed poet, performer, writer for children and a 2020 Arts Foundation Laureate. Her latest poetry collection, (VUP), is released on

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Zombie Ascent
The Wellington weather does not care about Halloween, but if you’ve followed this column, then you’ll know that Halloween also sees an annual horror (and sci-fi) movie festival and that I have dragged my extremely tolerant wife along for the past two
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Diversions & Puzzles
Puzzle No 1574 7. What is the only animal in the world that produces cube-shaped faeces? (6) 8. Which major river flows through Vienna? (6) 10. What is an official language of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda & South Sudan? (7) 11. What word can prece
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Readers were asked to create an acrostic poem about Donald Trump, including the word orange. Kate Highfield of Hastings: Donald by name, despot by nature,Orange by colour, your talent is failure,Trash is your want, indeed your mainstay.Angst makes yo