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Mechanical Keyboards
The wonderful thing about PC gaming is that just about anything can be an input device if you try hard enough, yet I can think of no better way to game than by making a ruckus with every lovely button press on a mechanical keyboard. The sweet, slick
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Hellish Quart
PLAYED IT I’m so enthusiastic about this sword-fighting game that I’d better start with a disclaimer: Hellish Quart is in Early Access, and it’s pretty rough. The menus look like placeholders, the planned campaign is absent, and the only way to play
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Flood Damage
Honestly, what is the point of re-reviewing Halo 3?” you might say. “It’s perfect.” You are correct. But it’s important I confirm it’s perfect in the way I want. I need to know I can set up a custom game via Steam with the settings I like and the wea