The English Garden


The tiny ‘Osakazuki’ I planted in the garden last autumn has yet to reach much more than five foot, so it is not a patch on the or , just two of the superb autumn gardens featured in this issue. Yet despite my acer’s diminutive size, its feathery leaves are now the colour of amber, glowing in the still-warm sun and drawing all the attention. As autumn progresses, deciduous trees like acers really come into their own, their colourful display of falling leaves a last hurrah before winter.

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The English Garden3 min letti
Coming Full Circle
I write this in January, as the sleet and snow comes skirling down sideways between the house and the heavy-boughed yew tree opposite. Snow has bookended my life: the winter-long drifts of 1946-7 at my birth and now this fitful blast, coming and goin
The English Garden6 min lettiArchitecture
Little Miracles
Designers will agree that in small spaces every element must earn its keep, from paving and planters to perimeter treatments and the planting itself. Yet these parts of the garden, seemingly mere accessories, are intrinsic to a design. When well-plan
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Trailing Bedding Plants For Containers
DICHONDRA ‘Silver Falls’ is a drought-tolerant plant with delicate, shiny, brilliant silver leaves, which trails elegantly. PELARGONIUM Ivy-leaved geraniums are a classic trailing plant, available in many different colours and forms. PETUNIA The