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Originating in Northern Italy, risotto has infinite variations. The common theme is that risotto requires a little time and care to cook. It’s the ultimate form of slow-cooking – although we’ve also included an easy oven-baked recipe.


Risotto rice is round-grained with an opaque centre. Varieties include arborio, carnaroli and vialone nano rice. These all retain their shape and ‘bite’ during cooking and absorb a large amount of liquid, while releasing their starch to create risotto’s signature creamy texture.

Arborio rice is grown in Australia and also imported from Italy, along with carnaroli and vialone nano.


Combine 1 egg with a half quantity of cold risotto. Shape 1 tablespoon quantities of risotto mixture into balls, press a small piece of bocconcini into centre and mould risotto mixture around to enclose. Roll balls in packaged dry breadcrumbs to coat. Deep-fry in hot olive oil until browned and cheese is melted in the centre. Serve with garlic

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