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A French Great War Veteran’s Medals
While assigned in Europe, I was able to do field research on numerous battlefields, including Verdun, in France. During one visit to Verdun, I stayed in a small hotel in Varennes-en-Argonne. Varennes-en-Argonne has a long, interesting history. It was
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27-8-2. Charlie Edwards wrote, “This is a Mexican Army collar badge for the 31st Infantry Regiment, used from the WWII period into at least the 1960s (and possibly later).” 27-10-3. Robert Leiendecker wrote, “ It actually says on the item what it is,
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The Nürnberg Rallies
During his earliest years, young Adolf Hitler attended an Austrian church and was moved by the pageantry and rituals of the Roman Catholic religion. Later, as a wandering vagabond, he painted and sold his art works while educating himself by devourin