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Spending too much time on the loo with endless diarrhoeal episodes or bargaining with stubborn stools? Then it’s time you seek help. In addition to the above, constant bloating, nausea, severe abdominal pain or halitosis (despite good oral habits) are just some symptoms that may urgently need attention. Why urgently then if the symptoms, however agonising, aren’t fatal and you’re still able to drive, walk and work through the discomfort? As the famous saying goes, our guts are like our second brain – if not in top form, then optimal functioning of our bodies is compromised.


Yvonne Mangoenyane, a colon hydrotherapist, says 90% of our immune tissues are housed in the gut – meaning our digestive system is the foundation of our body’s overall health. And it all starts in the colon! “Our immune system becomes compromised once bad bacteria take over, says Mangoenyane, also the owner of the Kempton Park-based clinic Yves Health.

Her clinic administers colonic hydrotherapy (popularly known as colon cleansing), which is a gentle infusion of warm filtered water into the colon to rid it of toxic waste. As one of few certified Cololavage Therapists, Mangoenyane works closely with gastroenterologists to prepare patients for digestive disease screening

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