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Are Christians Biblically Mandated to have children?

As you have read over the last few pages, the global birth rate is dropping! Here in South Africa however, we face the opposite circumstance: a significant population growth (with Sub-Saharan Africa’s population expected to triple by the end of the century). What does this mean in terms of poverty? What about jobs? Is our world safe to bring up little children? What about all the abandoned and unwanted babies? These are many questions that our readers have asked us. We reached out to leaders in our nation to hear what they have to say:

“The Bible tells us that God seeks – Malachi 2:15. God’s first command to man is: – Genesis 1:28. This Dominion Mandate, along with the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20, needs to guide our daily priorities and longterm planning. The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. As a new Christian, converted during the Rapture fever of the 1970’s, I was convinced that we were living‘in the last days’and that there was no time for me to marry and have children! In time, God brought me to repentance on that short-sighted and misguided prejudice. – Psalm 78:4-6 ”

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