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Touring the Tables of Central America
We’re about to take a tasting trip across the Central American isthmus. Seven different countries, seven different cuisines, all nestled together on a narrow piece of land. A melting pot of cultures has influenced the collective cuisine, including th
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Pineapples are a great source of Vitamin C. Joya de Ceren was buried under ash in 600 C.E. 4. quetzal; 6. Blue Zones; 8. Tikal; 9. Guatemala; 10. El Salvador 1. Belmopan; 2.pupusas; 3. Panama; 5. tapir; 7. Lake Nicaragua ■
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» Some alfombras measure more than 1,000 yards, more than 10 football fields laid out end-to-end. » Volunteers spray water in a fine mist over the alfombras to keep the sand and sawdust from blowing in the breeze. » Many andas are so tall that they