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Natural Feeling
Artist Maxine Leslau didn’t start planning her family’s Cotswold home with fabric swatches and paint charts. Her starting point was the mood she wanted to create. ‘My work is always about emotions and I knew this house needed to feel calm. In London
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A Touch Of Frost
Hidden from the road by tall hedges and surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills, JoJo Bentz’s fairy-tale garden in Luxembourg is designed to surprise and delight all those who enter. And with over 1,000 visitors each year, she has quite a task on h
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Ben Pentreath MY LIFE IN TEN...
1 . David Hicks is my design hero for his ability to mix modernity with an imbued sense of classical tradition. I’ve been highly influenced by his use of colour, pattern and layering. 2 . I first saw William Morris’s Willow Bough 25 years ago and I’