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Seasonal Style Secrets
I’ll use a mix of cobalt and emerald – a surprising combination of textures and colours feels dynamic and interesting. My tree veers on the minimal; lights are a must and I decorate it with garlands of fresh flowerheads and silk ribbons. I wrap gifts
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Right now 2021 feels like a year of promise. The promise of an end to the pandemic and a new US President. The promise of family get-togethers, open shops and buzzy restaurants. The promise of life going on. Whatever the new year holds, I find it up
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■ Invest in two dishwashers, if you can. It’s wonderful to have one to stack the detritus before a dinner party and one for glassware only. ■ Avoid cabinets on the walls if you’re going for a country feel. An old dresser is far more welcoming. ■ Buy