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hooting into the sun creates challenges aplenty – so some photographers avoid it wherever possible. However, it can produce incredible results for portraits, as Greta Tuckute () explains. “If you can control natural backlighting, it provides an excellent opportunity for vivid and dramatic portraits. The model will not have to squint because of strong sunlight, and harsh and unflattering shadows on the model’s face are avoided. Sun-rays and strong background illumination give portraits an artistic quality without using any studio lighting or

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Photography Week1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Enhance Your Light Paintings
It’s hard to get the exposure spot-on when light painting, and you might find that some areas look too dark or blown out. It’s best to shoot in raw, as raw files have greater dynamic range than JPEGs, which means you have greater headroom for recover
Photography Week2 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Antonina Mamzenko
As a documentary family photographer, you do not alter or interfere with the scene, just as a photojournalist would not pose people or alter the environment they are in while documenting a story for an assignment. I have always been attracted to this
Photography Week1 min letti
Photography Week
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