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Resolving Pandemic Paradoxes

The COVID-19 disruption we are all enduring represents a pivotal moment in history where humanity’s future trajectory is being revectored. The decisions we make and the actions we take during this perplexing pandemic period are laying down the tracks upon which civilization will travel for decades to come.

Disruptions this big are rife with paradox. They happen slowly, then suddenly. They create a where long periods of stability are unexpectedly upended by seismic shocks. Their impact often is overestimated in the short term and underestimated in the long term. They create that eerie that exists between and They are hard to figure out because they seem to contradict common sense and defy conventional wisdom.

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Editorial Director MISTY SHAW Editor DENYS MANNINEN Designer MICHELLE NELSON Advertising Coordinator/Office Manager MISTY SHAW Accounting Manager BRAYDAN SHAW ■
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Tex Tan Under New Ownership
YOAKUM, Texas (November 27, 2020) – James Cox of Moser Leather Company (Division of Old West Industries, Inc.) and a buyer’s group consisting of Darius Ward Leather, Peterson Custom Leather, and Rockin ‘S’ Tack have entered into an agreement to purch
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Texas Legend S. D. Myres
Pancho Villa was a man of many horses. Many horses and many saddles.… So many saddles that it seems like the story of every saddlemaker who was active back in Villa’s day includes the claim that they made a custom saddle for the notorious Mexican rev