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The big HRT rethink

So what’s the latest thinking?

That, far from being a risk to women’s health, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is not only the most effective way to deal with many menopause symptoms, it may improve health. Some experts say that oestrogen reduces the risk of heart disease (statistically a bigger threat to women’s health than breast cancer), dementia, osteoporosis and certain cancers – and that

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Woman's Weekly Living Series1 min lettiMedical
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Woman's Weekly Living Series3 min lettiMedical
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Woman's Weekly Living Series1 min letti
Flagging on your New Year healt h resolutions? Don ’t despair . We have lots of inspiration to help k eep your wellbeing on track – including a 10-page vitality special (from p29) to give you some oomph during the dank winter months, some real-life s