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Washing Troubles Away
Helena stared pensively out of the living room window. ‘Isn’t it time you washed the car, love? It’s looking dirtier by the day.’ She turned to her husband Joe, who, predictably, had his gaze fixed on his iPad, no doubt playing one of his online gam
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A Problem Shared
Q I’ve just found out through Facebook that my younger sister is pregnant with her first child, and I’m so upset. She was the first person I told when I was pregnant and yet she’s told everyone at the same time by posting a picture of her scan online
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What Is Your Best Quality?
M: I have a desire to share new things with other people, whether it be experience, ideas or things. I think your best quality is that you’re not pretending to be interested in people, you’re genuinely interested in everyone. N: I am interested in p