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Remember that time you made a mistake you had to hide from your other half, or told someone a secret they blurted out to the wrong person? Well, that was trickster energy at work! Represented in folklore by a variety of gods and spiritual beings, tricksters deal in curve balls and magical surprises, and delight in the unexpected. They challenge old habits and belief systems, and can force you to let go of outdated preconceptions and reinvent yourself – their energy can be discombobulating but it has the power to transform your life in ways you never

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Explore The Past
Prince Harry – why has he left royal life? A better question should be: was his heart ever really in it? In his previous life, Harry was a foundling, a child abandoned by his parents, who never ever found out who they really were, despite a lifetime
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About Julia Clarke
Julia Clarke creates sculptures for indoor and outdoor spaces. She works with willow, both dried and living, with wire, steel, paper, and ceramic. Natural materials and environmental concerns are an important element of her work, and the rhythm of we
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Did You Know?
As well as the Green Lady, Tulloch Castle is also haunted by the ghost of a maid who’s spotted in the Great Hall and Pink Room. She’s said to be pacing furiously. Could she be the maid with whom Duncan Davidson had his unfortunate dalliance? ■