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Is Nine Fine?
Have you ever felt 12 sprockets are too many? Do you yearn to get back to a simpler time, while still enjoying the advantages of a wide-range cassette? Well, you’re in luck. Box Components have released just such a drivetrain, with an 11-50t, nine-sp
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Star Letter
The last few outings on my trusty gravel bike made me realise its limitations, so I decided that, even though I’m 50, overweight, unfit and rubbish in terms of off-road skills, I’d get back in the MTB saddle. My last mountain bike was a 26in-wheeled
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California Dreamin'
THE PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY is considered one of the world’s most beautiful panoramic roads. It also just so happens to wind its way past the birthplace of mountain biking – Mount Tamalpais, near San Francisco. The sport has come a long way since rider