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Matt Simmonds
Shropshire lad Matt was a familiar face on the DH World Cup start line from 2005 to 2019, his career peaking with a second-place finish at Méribel, Switzerland, in 2014, where he lost out to the legendary Sam Hill by a fraction of a second. He also c
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Having met my friends – seven almost-in-shape middle-aged men who love riding bikes– at a local trail centre, I found myself last in line as we came to the most modest of features: a short, wooden pallet-type thing ending in a decent drop with a gap.
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Riding Caersws
There are three trails currently ridable at Caersws, soon to increase to four. All are full-on DH runs – they may be “mellow” to Matt, but he’s a world-class downhill racer! The venue, in the Welsh county of Powys, about an hour’s drive from Shrewsbu