Mysterious Ways

His Humorous Ways

fter a pharmacy error, I received a toxic dose of a medication and had to go

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Mysterious Ways2 min letti
Right Place, Right Time
Seat 23D. I walked down the airplane aisle, reading the signs above the rows. I was flying from my home in Charlotte to Los Angeles to spend Thanksgiving with my son. I found my seat, stowed my bag in the overhead bin and settled in for the five-hour
Mysterious Ways2 min letti
News From Around Our Wonderful World
Lihue, Hawaii The dress, a purple-and-pink floral muumuu, caught Shannon Hiramoto’s eye while she was browsing the Salvation Army thrift store. Her great-grandmother, who’d passed away five years ago, would’ve loved it. She’d always worn colorful muu
Mysterious Ways4 min letti
The Transfiguration
Whenever I think about the Transfiguration, my mind travels back to the fifth- and sixth-grade Sunday school class I once coached to act it out for the congregation. The task seemed nearly impossible. Why? Because this particular Bible story is fille