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The Game We Love Or Hate

It is ironic in golf how most of us curse and crave the game at the same time. We become ornery and unruly when shots go astray, only to feel exuberant and excited moments later when things go our way. As much as we complain, and far too often we do, we can’t seem to get enough of the exhilaration the sport provides.

So, why, then, do we crave it? Better yet, what are some of the deeper reasons for picking up a club and playing the sport? Well, consider for just a moment how you would feel if every time you hit a

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Tapping Into The Zone
Just about every athlete in any sport has, at one time or another, experienced the powerful feeling of playing in “The Zone.” While many have tried to describe with words the often-indescribable feelings and sensations of it, several qualities seem t
Golf Tips1 min letti
Finding The Proper Pressure
We have all heard the comparisons when trying to describe the proper amount of grip pressure. “Hold it like a bird” or “like you’d squeeze a tube of toothpaste.” Well, these can have extremely different meanings to everyone, plus the fact that not ma
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Golf Milestones 2021 Part 3
Bunker Basics What’s the No. 1 priority of green-side bunker? GET OUT IN ONE SHOT! Why do you not get out in one shot? You’re trying to lift the ball out of the bunker versus swinging “through” the sand your ball rests upon. By using the existing “li