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Dover’s Final Steamer
Caledonian Princess became the last steam-powered ferry to sail from Dover on 28 September 1981, and during a 20-year career served 19 different ports, before fulfilling static roles in Newcastle and Glasgow until she was towed to Aliaga, Turkey to b
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New Owners For Skandi Giant
DOF Rederias recently completed the sale of the anchor-handling, tug, and supply vessel (AHTS) Skandi Giant to Hai Duong Maritime in Vietnam. Built by Dalian Shipyard, China in 2002 as Boa Giant, the 4,197dwt vessel had been laid up in Singapore for
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Asd Speedy Delivery
On 20 September Damen Shipyards Group delivered the ASD tug 2810 TSM Houat to Thomas Services Maritimes (TSM) in France. The ASD Tug 2810 is the most successful ASD Tug in Damen’s portfolio, with over 175 deliveries since its introduction in 2002. TS