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Psdesigns’ E46 M3 (@psiddy81)
They think it’s all over… it is now! As some of you may have seen from our social media, following delivery of the car to the customer we decided that the M3 deserved a ‘brighter’ exterior! Introducing Project Mayhem’s new look! A fresh wrap in Avery
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Special Models
The Evo I was built to homologate refinements to the M3 that were designed to make it more competitive in racing. The changes were minor and the car is virtually identical to the standard M3 and, as a result of this, BMW considers this to just be a v
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On Track
Road cars can often feel a little disappointing on track but not in the case of the M4 Competition. From the moment we leave the pits behind and keep the throttle pinned down the first straight, it’s clear that BMW M has done it again: this M4 is pro