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Cory Wong takes us on his recent recording journey


(Motivational Music for the Syncopated Soul, 2019)

Obviously who I am as a guitar player is going to be a through-line on every record I make. But it is interesting to have a broader approach on Motivational Music... and Elevator Music For An Elevated Mood. Even though it’s two albums, it’s one big cycle. It was a continued self-discovery of how to explore my artistic vision of joy and fun, combined with rhythm guitar as a lead thing. When you hear the song, how do you know that it’s me? What is it about my sound, my attacks, my releases, the nuances of what I play, which makes somebody recognise it? How can I let my personality and wit come through instrumental music? And now that I have a better idea about what’s most magnetic about what I do, how can I continue to hone that and make it more interesting and potent?

When you listen to certain albums, like Surfing With The

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