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Turning The Tables
Incubating birds turn their eggs but not, as is commonly thought, to prevent the embryos from sticking to the shell, or to warm the eggs evenly. Instead, turning is to ensure that the embryo can use all of the albumen (egg white) during development.
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Cranes Becoming More Common
Record numbers of common cranes bred in the UK last year, with 64 pairs producing 23 chicks. Seven of these pairs were in north-east Scotland, where cranes have only recently recolonised. Crane experts are now suggesting that significant further expa
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When Bunny Went Bathing
Glen Esk has always been my favourite of the Angus Glens. In the winter, I have seen whooper swans on Loch Lee and otter tracks in the snow along the shore. Come the spring, I like to search for adders and slow-worms. A little later, there is a chanc