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IF COLUMBUS HAD been lucky enough to own an AntiKythera Mechanism, things might have turned out so much better for him.

Before the advent of GPS, as older readers will attest, bluewater cruisers used the sun, moon, planets and stars to plot their, Sight Reduction Tables – and maybe a calculator for the spherical trigonometry.

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The ‘just Right’ syndrome
It was a beautiful sight and a rare occurrence to have all three in one spot, as the owners usually whisk them away as quickly as the team at Dickey Boats can build them. It was also an opportunity not to miss and with this in mind, I was shoes off a
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Save Your Back
Having the French-manufactured eWincher aboard is a bit like having a strong, young crewman to do the heavy lifting – but you don’t have to feed it or provide accommodation. The battery-powered unit fits any conventional winch, in effect turning it i
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Leading Light
Davis was born in 1955 in Florida – at the time his father Whit was a commander of a US submarine. So his childhood was spent in and around various Navy bases in Florida, California and Hawaii – “the best childhood, always around water.” By age 13 he