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BERYL EVANS is a family historian and the author of Tracing Your Welsh Ancestors EMMA JOLLY is a writer, historical researcher and member of AGRA DEBBIE KENNETT is the author of DNA and Social Networking MARGARET MCGREGOR is a member of AGRA with
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Society Of Genealogists Announces Online Family History Getaway
The Society of Genealogists has announced that its Family History Getaway will be hosted via Zoom this year. The course, which takes place on 8–10 December, focuses on research before 1837. It offers a programme of 10 talks and workshops, Q&A session
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The medieval French term valet originally denoted a page or squire: a youth staying in a high-ranking household in order to learn courtly behaviour and gain a noble education. In England from the 1560s a personal manservant might be called a ‘valet’,