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What I collect: I have a passion for 19th-century glass decanters. I keep around ten in my collection and each new find is always my favourite. I originally started buying decanters to sell for my business, The Vintage Entertainer (, however I quickly developed seller’s remorse and found myself thinking wistfully about the perfect ones I had sold. I’ve since adopted a ‘one for you, one for me’ approach!

I started buying glass decanters because they make great colour-popping

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Silence Is Golden
By the time the credits rolled at the end of its 1921 premiere, Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid had broken new cinematic ground on several counts. It was Chaplin’s first fulllength film as a director; he also wrote, produced and starred in it. The Kid met
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Best Listed Property
Lisanne and Andre Hedger’s Grade II-listed home was the clear winner in the Best Listed Property category. With its 16th-century timber frame and pretty thatch, the East Sussex cottage is the perfect family home. Style editor Pippa Blenkinsop says: ‘
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Take A Seat
Buying upholstered seating is no straightforward task. As most of us spend over 20 hours a week sat on the sofa, firstly, it must be comfortable; but as such a prominent room feature, it must also look great and stand up to years of wear and tear. Fi