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Beyond the Waves
AN ARC DISABILITY SERVICES AND DEAD PUPPET SOCIETY THEATRE COLLABORATION Finn and Sheba are best friends. In fact, they have always been so. Finn’s a bit of a scaredy cat, but Sheba doesn’t mind. On an unsuspecting Wednesday, on a far north Queenslan
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Prada Clutch’s: All-Drag Revue
Let us take you on a journey from where it all began, Darlings! Flanked by gorgeous men, Australia’s six-foot something songstress Prada Clutch & her ‘girls’ pay tribute to the history of Aussie drag – in concert. Revisit the good ol’ days with Les G
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EXHIBITION : Lore to Law
Lore to Law conveys a First Nation’s perspectives of The Court House and articulates some unknown stories from the period between 1877 and 1992 that have been passed down from generation to generation. The exhibition provides an insight into Indigeno