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Where To Live...
From the fertile flatlands of East Anglia to the rolling downs of the South East; the open moors of North Yorkshire, Cumbria or Wales to the mountainous Highlands or the rugged West Coast; and from picturesque cottages and rambling farmhouses to eleg
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10 THINGS To Bear In Mind Before You Start Looking
01 Can you earn a living? If you have transferable skills that everyone needs – for example, a teacher, plumber, carpenter – generally you can find work wherever you live. But if you have to commute a long distance to a job, it can become a stressful
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How Not To Get Lost
The great British countryside and its villages and towns all have wonderful potential for discovery but, for many of us, exploring unknown spaces can be more daunting than exhilarating. If your urge to explore is stronger than your confidence in your