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You will need • apples • kitchen knife • string/thread • newspaper

Cut the

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BBC Countryfile Magazine1 min lettiPsychology
Covid And Recovering Your Sense Of Smell
When the ability to inhale a smell (ortho-nasal olfaction) has changed or been lost, or the flavour of food (retro-nasal olfaction) has altered, the NHS recommends ‘smell training’ to help recovery. This easy exercise consists of sniffing four scents
BBC Countryfile Magazine4 min lettiEarth Sciences
Spring On The Mountain
On a fine spring day, there is no place more welcoming than the high, snowy plateaux of our largest mountain region: Am Monadh Ruadh (red hills), the Cairngorms. But when the wind gets up, the cloud comes down and the temperature plummets, there are
BBC Countryfile Magazine1 min letti
Seen On Film
The scene set at this 2.5-mile long lake, just north of Buttermere, was shot in rare glorious weather. “We moved heaven and earth to get a sunny day to make that scene work,” explains Harry Macqueen. Owned by the National Trust, it’s a great spot for