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Improve your strength & self-esteem!

Instead of focusing on the number you see on the scales, why don't you try embracing the motto, “strong is the new sexy”. Not only does this approach allow you to see your body in a new light, but there’s

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Woman's Day1 min lettiCrime & Violence
Meet The Cecil Hotel’s Other Infamous Guests
One of the hotel’s most notorious visitors was Elizabeth Short, who came to be known as the “Black Dahlia” after her gruesome death in 1947. She was reportedly seen at the hotel’s bar in the days before her murder, which remains unsolved. Her mutilat
Woman's Day1 min letti
To many, the noughties was the biggest, brashest and most scandalous era for young celebrities pushing the boundaries of behaving badly. Barely a night went by without Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan stumbling from one Hollywood club to another, blowi
Woman's Day1 min lettiCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Steak Success!
Remove steaks from the fridge 20 mins before cooking – this means the meat cooks more evenly. Ensure your chargrill or hotplate is very hot before adding the steaks, to give them a lovely golden colour. Rest the steaks after cooking to ensure a