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Of all the people who have ever lived on our planet, one could argue that no one has been more influential than the person known to us as the Buddha. He was a remarkable individual who discovered valuable truths and spent a long life sharing them systematically and publicly. The trail of dominoes he set in motion has wound its way through large, heavily populated areas of the world for a very long time.

The man himself is buried under so many layers of myth that there is not much we can rely on to gain access to what kind of a person he may really have been. Yet there is one character trait that stands out as true because it is common to three episodes found in all renditions of his life story. This is the fact that the Buddha had an unusual ability not only

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Lion's Roar11 min letti
THE SONE IN Your Heart
YOU’RE DEAD! IS A BOLD, compositionally complex album that could be described as a personal reflection on the Bardo Thodol, known in the West as The Tibetan Book of the Dead. This 2014 album by Flying Lotus (born Steven Ellison) serves as a musical g
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White People, It’s Time To Look In The Mirror
I AM A CRONE and was around the last time Black people were feared, and thus brought into white awareness. At times like these, white people, and white institutions, reach out to Black people they barely know or have forgotten about over time. As a c
Lion's Roar6 min letti
Path Of Fierce Questioning
WE cannot capture a living tradition in words and ideas. How could we? To know it you must enter it. Like life. But we humans are storytellers, artists in time and space. We create worlds with our words and then enter them, often forgetting the sharp