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Donald Trump has a grievance against New York – and it tells you a lot about his presidency

If a city isn’t on the US president’s side, it will suffer. His latest move is to designate New York an ‘anarchist jurisdiction’, which would be hilarious if his motivations weren’t so sinister
Anarchy in the NY? If there is, it’s not the sort of anarchy the Sex Pistols sang about. Photograph: Xinhua/REX/Shutterstock

Masked men roam the neighbourhood and everyone is . I write to you from the mean streets of Gotham City, which, along with Portland and Seattle, was officially designated an “” on Monday by the US department of justice (DoJ). Those of you who still cling to the old-fashioned belief that words have meanings may wonder whether anarchists typically have jurisdictions. Well, New York and you get if you don’t adhere to social distancing protocols. It is not the sort of anarchy that the Sex Pistols about, that’s for sure.

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