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THE IMPRISONED AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN: Marijuana America’s First Entrepreneur

The legal marijuana business is booming. A multi-billion-dollar industry in the United States, there are now 11 states (12 if you include Washington D.C.) as of 2020 that have legalized recreational cannabis — and these states are all profiting tremendously off the sales.

In Colorado alone, the state’s revenue reached the $1 billion mark in early 2019 after only five years of legalization. Bringing in over $6 billion in total sales, it is a monstrous megalith of an industry.

For many, these are extremely exciting figures. Legal cannabis has been something that countless groups of American citizens have. With a long history of being vilified and criminalized, progressives have pushed their local and federal governments towards legalizing a plant that has been proven to be not only decidedly safe to use, but has numerous evidentiary health benefits for millions of users.

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