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The Sims 4
After begging and pleading for the better part of six years, Sims fans finally got bunk beds in The Sims 4. Sure, they were broken and buggy, and turns out the team hadn’t actually finished coding them, but they were there! At long last! One bed on t
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Chivalry 2
I know I’m getting salty when the big sures start coming out. Oh, sure, I guess that enormous axe blade just chopped my head clean off and I died and everyone trampled on my bloody corpse while it flopped around in the mud. Yeah, sure, that’s just fi
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Wolf Pack
A determined resistance leader who spends much of the game staring at a map. Her backstory was retained for MachineGames’ sequels, in which she’s older but power armoured. Occupies a zeppelin over Isenstadt, from which he orders Becker’s capture. He