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Glass Cannon
The irradiated toilet bowl offers one of the bleakest dilemmas in Fallout: New Vegas. In hardcore mode, you have to stay hydrated in the desert or face dwindling stats and, ultimately, death. In a pinch, a gulp of 200-year-old piss water might just s
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“Nowhere Near As Devoid Of Storytelling As I’d Been Led To Believe”
When the weather gets colder and the days grow shorter, I find myself longing to play a cosy Infinity Engine RPG. Usually it’s my old favourite, Baldur’s Gate, but this time I wanted to try something different. For years I’d heard Icewind Dale is lik
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Nature’s Bounty
Found growing on trees or placed in baskets as tributes to the gods, these juicy orbs will restore Fenyx’s health. Eating these glowing fungi will restore your stamina, even mid-climb. Find them in rocky areas and caves. You’ll find these near hous