60 Days of Prayer


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60 Days of Prayer1 min letti
Energize Your Life
That energy is God’s energy, an energy deep within you. PHILIPPIANS 2:13 MSG NEED A BOOST of energy as we wind down from Christmas and wind up for the New Year? Turn to the Source of all energy—God! Keep a Bible nearby and open it to the Psalms. Be
60 Days of Prayer1 min letti
Joyful Surprise
They were amazed and filled with joy. LUKE 24:41 (NIV) JESUS’ FIRST MIRACLE served an ordinary purpose and possibly one many can relate to even today—the wine had run out at a party. Only the servants were aware that the best wine had actually come
60 Days of Prayer1 min letti
Out of Your Mind
If we are “out of our mind,” as some say, it is for God; if we are in our right mind, it is for you. 2 CORINTHIANS 5:13 (NIV) THE APOSTLE PAUL was an extraordinary man who took extraordinary actions. Perhaps many at that time thought that he was