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Few things in archery are more annoying, or more accuracy-destroying, than having the bowstring contact the inside of the forearm or wrist that holds the bow. It’s called string slap, and it can leave you bruised and sore for days. But it never needs to happen.

String slap was much more common decades ago, when novice archers tended to shoot compound bows with a draw length that was too long for them. If the draw

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The most likely ways meat can become unfit or less than ideal to eat involve excessive bacterial growth or by turning rancid. Those forms of spoilage result in unpleasant odors and flavors, and undesirable color changes, but otherwise differ. Venison
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Lever Revival
If you think back on all of the years modern man has been hunting white-tailed deer, you might gloss over the fact that one rifle has been responsible for bringing home the lion’s share of that vension: the lever-action. And while it’s true the .30-3
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In addition to being worn out and hungry, the postrut whitetail has another thing that keeps him from moving about: the constant presence of man. The hunting pressure incurred during September, October and November causes many bucks to become nocturn