Pianists are often encouraged to think more like singers. There’s a long history of such advice, and by grasping the potential link between our ‘real’ voice and our ‘pianist’s’ voice, our playing should sound more compelling. From a rich literature on cantabile playing, dip into Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger’s wonderfully readable book, Chopin: Pianist and Teacher, which pulls together countless quotes and anecdotes from pianists, composers and critics. Seen often through the eyes of Chopin’s pupils, we realise just how lyrically-conceived good piano playing often is – and indeed how a close affinity with the human voice should ideally inform what we are doing when we tease out a melody, whether this be an upper or an inner line.

In an

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Carlos GARDEL (1890-1935) arr. Stanislav STANCHEV (b.1986)
The music to this famous tango song was written by the French Argentine singer, songwriter, composer and actor, Carlos Gardel. It was written in 1935, together with lyricist and long-time collaborator Alfredo Le Pera. Gardel and Pera tragically died
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Daily Dose
Rather like horrible-tasting but beneficial medicine, the music of certain late 18th and early 19th century piano composers has a reputation for being hard to swallow but, ultimately, good for us. Hopefully, the suggestions below will prove that not
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Master Of His Craft
It’s early December 2020 and in LSO St Luke’s, Krystian Zimerman and his piano technician are hard at work. The piano – Zimerman’s own, with which he usually travels – is opened and the entire action is removed. A large steel case the length of the k