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Power of plants

Q: Can you please share a bit about the “purity and beauty” philosophy underpinning Organic Merchant?

A: I believe that organic consumables are not only better for people, but also for the planet. I spent my childhood in remote Western Australia and was lucky enough to be able to travel across thousands of kilometres of our beautiful country, which instilled in me a great reverence for its beauty. That, along with my green-thumbed family, meant that I developed a deep love

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Honouring People And The Planet
Q: What role does mindfulness play in banking? A: Reflecting on how your money moves through the world, including where you choose to bank, is being mindful that your choices can make a difference. For your own financial wellbeing, yes, but it can al
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Recipe for Zen
“We think that to study Buddhism is to take the food out of the refrigerator. Whenever you want it, it is already there. Instead, Zen students should be interested in how to produce food from the field, from the garden, should put the emphasis on the
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Being Open To Friendships
When was the last time you made a friend? Perhaps this person came into your life unexpectedly, yet the relationship blossomed as you were open to letting them in. As we get older these occurrences can be less likely, as people tend to establish frie