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Being still

eing mindful is a space where we recognise every thought, feeling and movement, and accept them as they are without judgement. In the law of nature, everything that arises soon passes. When a personal event happens, your body creates a sensation. Whether it is a good or bad reaction, it varies from each individual. However, the deep sensations arise the same way for everyone. They

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Reconnecting With Nature
Not only does spending time outdoors give you a literal breath of fresh air, it’s also a conduit for cultivating calm. In fforest, author Sian Tucker refers to “simple” as both a way of being and a place; it’s a notion that lends itself to slowing do
WellBeing Being5 min lettiPsychology
Creative Spiritual Living
What I see in the world is a hunger for what I call “creative spiritual living” — an expanded sense of meaning, spirituality and creativity — in our business and work, with our friends, partners and children. A deepened connection to nature, food, cu
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Being Creative
Q: What do you enjoy most about being an illustrator? A: I especially like to tell stories. On blank paper, I can create a whole world — to imagine a dynamic city where people run and cross paths or to represent a soothing landscape. There is no rout