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YOUR Stars
It’s about perspective, Aries. Loved ones don’t mean to offend, deceive or attack your sensibilities – or do they? A conversation is locked in for Wednesday. Is traffic a bit slow with online dating? Step into the real world. LUCKY NUMBERS 4, 5, 9
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Attacked by a FAKE UBER DRIVER
Jessica Small, 28, Brisbane, Qld Cheers!’ my friends Janine and Becc grinned, as we all clinked glasses. It was a Saturday night in September 2018, and we were out celebrating, because Janine and I had both got new jobs. As we chatted over cocktail
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Pets Are Pawsome!
Cindy, three, hates being disturbed while reading that’s life! Kevin Buchanan, Greenfields, WA Boo, five, and Holly, two, are best buds – joined at the hip. Leanne Simmons, Red Cliffs, Vic Lily just celebrated her 10th birthday. Gloria E