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Sue & Saroo BRIERLEY Heart Of A Lion
Sue Brierley is nervous. Today the final draft of her manuscript goes to the printer and the implications of baring heretofore very private details of her life are playing on her mind. Sue is the mother of Saroo Brierley, the Indian boy whose story t
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Raising Boys
Both my sons are a lot like me. On my best days, I am measured, thoughtful, independent, and confident enough to be comfortable in my own head. I value justice and fairness. I have a deep respect for women, particularly those who share my life. My so
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Story Time
Emily Main is a London-based journalist writing a story for The New Yorker who, as the book opens, is flying in to Sydney. She’s there to write a story about the tragic demise of famous Aussie restaurant chain Lucky’s following a mass shooting at one