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Early-Morning Energizer

has been setting the pace for sexy fitspirational activewear for the past 25 years. Forever emphasizing balanced bliss, she is living out a promise to bring women food and lifestyle editors swooned over this power-food-packed, satiating breakfast from her cookbook and enjoyed the healthy-living tips found in her newest book, . To speed your morning, prepare the veggies the night before, then just heat in the morning with a fresh egg. Enjoy!

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Your Body Slam Fat Zones
WORKS: Core, Thighs ● Stand with a barbell across your shoulder blades, chains hanging from both ends. ● Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart ( A) . ● Slowly lower into a squat until your thighs are slightly past parallel to t
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Shoulder Pain Diagnosis
Coming in gradually over time but goes away with warmup; felt on outside or front of shoulder, spreading down to elbow; felt at night, especially when lying on affected shoulder; getting worse when raising arms or lifting overhead; felt during heavy
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Fuel For Thought
The KIA Seltos range hardly seemed incomplete but this is not a brand known to rest on its laurels so nearly a year after launch, KIA has added a diesel engine to the range – the Seltos CRDi is born. The new model pumps up the range from an initial f