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orget the old three squares and mindless snacking—in most clean diets you’ll eat five or six healthy, well-planned meals each day. This keeps your metabolism consistently fueled throughout the day by preventing your blood sugar from dipping, so you avoid that 3 p.m. energy lag, when you’re most likely to turn to caffeine and sugary snacks for a boost. With a clean-eating diet, each meal or snack contains a balance of quality protein, complex carbs,

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Three Machines you Never Use (but Should)
TIME: 4 MINUTES “The Assault Air Bike is the most demanding bike of its kind,” says Noah Abbott. Try to do an eight-round reverse tabata for total calories—that’s 10 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest. “Clients who have never done it some
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Early-Morning Energizer
LORNA JANE CLARKSON has been setting the pace for sexy fitspirational activewear for the past 25 years. Forever emphasizing balanced bliss, she is living out a promise to bring women food and lifestyle tips that can help them reach their fit-living g
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One Month, One Goal: 30 Days To Six-pack Abs
Well-defined abs are the hallmark of fitness, a chance to show off the hard work you’ve put in with training and diet. And this one-month plan can help take your middle to the next level. “I’m a big fan of mixing up exercises so you never get bored a