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Indoor cycling classes offer fat-blasting, calorie-scorching, leg-sculpting workouts in a competitive yet social setting. Top instructors designed these routines for the days you can’t make it to class. Just bring your own beats and start pedaling!


Follow the simple, effective warmup below before you start the hill and sprint workouts on the next page, advises Self, who put together all three. Use the RPE (rate of perceived exertion) scale of 1 to 10 to determine how hard you are working: 1 = easy, 5 = moderately challenging (hard to sustain for more than three minutes), 10 = extremely challenging (an effort you couldn’t sustain for more than 60 seconds). Resistance is indicated at four levels: light, moderate, heavy, and very heavy. Speed is slow (40–60 rpm), moderate

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Lipgloss is back! But brands definitely had to up their game by creating non-sticky products due to “hair sticking to your lips in the wind disasters” of the past. HERS suggest RIMMEL OH MY GLOSS! Up to 6 hours of colour, shine, comfort and moisture
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Turbo Row
overlooked — and underrated — cardio machine in the gym just might be the indoor rower. Also known as an ergometer (or “erg” among enthusiasts), the rower offers a high-intensity, full-body burn: A 64 kilogram woman rowing at a good pace can blast 11
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Best Body Ever
Age: 39 Height: 1.7m Weight: 61kg Hometown: Tampa, FL Instagram: 2x_ms_olympia ERIN STERN MISSED qualifying for the 2008 Beijing Olympics high jump by three centimeters. Undeterred, she channeled her athleticism into bodybuilding, winning her first