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After being in the retail business for 25 years as the co-founder of Plains and Prints with wife Roxanne, Erickson Farillas never thought he would get into the food business. In 2011, he stumbled into a hole in the wall restaurant in Hong Kong called Ramen Nagi. Inspiration struck; he had been searching for a long time to find a place in the Philippines that served authentic ramen. “It gave us the idea of bringing the brand home. It took two years of persuading the Japanese owners to allow us to bring it to the country,” says Erickson, “they were going back and forth to the Philippines to see if it is really a

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A Return To Prime Dining
The yearning to dine out with friends and family has slowly been satiated the past few months with the easing of lockdown restrictions. This has helped the F&B industry gradually get back on its feet and has once again provided the opportunity for ne