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AKING THE PLACE of local classified ads: Facebook Marketplace, where you can find a revolving inventory of everything from free cast-offs to the occasional treasure—locally. Pick it up and save on freight cost. You might find a bargain, like an antique, mahogany display case with glass doors for $90, sold fast and cheap because the family was moving across country. In a recent, then filter by distance from your town, price range, and category.

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Old House Journal1 min letti
Stuff The Last Owner Screwed Up
The built-in cabinets in the living room of our circa 1900 house have brass cabinet locks, but there is no key. One cabinet swings open, but the other is firmly locked—and it’s full of the previous owner’s oddball junk. We thought about drilling out
Old House Journal1 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
HOT WATER In Small Packages
Whether you’re tired of running out of hot water in the middle of a shower or simply want it to reach the bathroom in less than the 20 seconds it should take to wash your hands, you’ll find dozens of ondemand options available, sized for your needs a
Old House Journal3 min letti
There are plenty of ways to make a house more weather-tight and energy efficient without taking it apart or turning to a female voice-activated app. Let’s be realistic. Often there are hurdles to adding a “smart” feature to an old house; retrofitting