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to make a house more weather-tight and energy efficient without taking it apart or turning to a female voice-activated app. Let’s be realistic. Often there are hurdles to adding a “smart” feature to an old house; retrofitting may turn into a two- or three-step operation. An example: You’re thinking about installing solar panels. A reputable company may ask you first to reinforce the roof, and strip earlier roofing. Considering installing a new pellet stove or furnace? The chimneysweep

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HOT WATER In Small Packages
Whether you’re tired of running out of hot water in the middle of a shower or simply want it to reach the bathroom in less than the 20 seconds it should take to wash your hands, you’ll find dozens of ondemand options available, sized for your needs a
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Side Notes
Surely OHJ readers are the natural audience for this book, which shares our preservation approach. It posits that saving such character-defining features as windows and rooflines, mouldings and woodwork should be a given, even as we renovate for ener
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SALVAGED PARTS STAR IN THIS CA. 1830 CAPE, where wicker pieces and shop-style lighting furnish the back porch. page 58 ■