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Five Greatest Building Projects
Hatshepsut made several contributions to the Temple of Karnak, but this was one of her largest. It was built to be a barque shrine, where a model ship was kept. The Ancient Egyptians believed these were used by the sun god to travel through the night
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Civil Rights Timeline
The United States Supreme Court makes the landmark ruling that segregation of students on the basis of race is unconstitutional, essentially ending all-white school policies and the ‘separate but equal’ rules of Jim Crow. As part of an ongoing and or
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Dr Vincent O’malley
Q. CAN YOU EXPLAIN FOR OUR READERS WHAT THE NEW ZEALAND WARS WERE? A. The New Zealand Wars were a series of conflicts fought between the British Crown and various groups of Māori between 1845 and 1872 over much of the North Island. At one time they w